Work for your future. Plan for your aspirations.

Sutley Wertzer, Inc is the wealth management team for professionals who aspire to a work-optional lifestyle. Through our uniquely designed process, called the GlidePath FORMula, we will form a partnership with you and begin the ascent to your ideal life.

Getting to the peak, the place from which you can glide, takes a strong relationship with your wealth advisor. We’ve learned from extensive experience that communication and trust are the foundations of that relationship. We promise to uphold these values by understanding your goals, giving you timely updates, simplifying the complex inner workings of your financial plan, and treating you as a respected member of the Sutley Wertzer family.

To do this, we need your active participation. In fact, we expect it. Your goals must be your own. You, and your wealth advisor, need to understand what matters most. And if it’s complicated, we’ll be there to sort through all the information and make the best plan with you. Honest communication and a belief in our refined processes will give us that strong foundation to build upon.

Upon that foundation rests your future. Financial planning is not a one-off service. It’s an ongoing process to address all the critical financial events to come. Our expertise can lead you through whatever comes, from retirement to planning your financial legacy. We can get there together.

That is our value. Working along with you to design the lifestyle you desire.

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